Monday, 3 January 2011

Itching to be back

It's been a busy old holidays for me.

It's amazing how much work you can get done when there's nothing else to do. So apart from starting a new book (Christmas pressie from Mrs Wells), getting a few hours in on the bike with the dog leading the way, and doing lots of cooking and watching of Madmen (another Christmas pressie) I also managed to get into the new Guroo Functional Skills content and get everything tagged up to the new criteria.

Now this may seem like a fairly basic and simple job, but for each learning task within a challenge, it means going through the whole of the challenge and deciding which of the functional skills criteria best fit the task - normally it's one or two criteria, occasionally, they cross subject boundaries so an ICT task often has Maths and English Functional Skills.

This is then recorded in Guroo 2.0 so that students can assess themselves and teachers can compare students assessments with the objective measures generated by the 1200 new Functional Skills quiz questions built into Guroo 2.0 - all part of APP. The tagging then gets recorded in a large spreadsheet that will be turned into a poster this week that we'll send to all our customers.

Then multiply this by 90 challenges which each have 3 or 4 tasks, and that was the size of the job - all part of the Guroo 2.0 new development so very worthwhile.

Bottom line - feeling very pleased with myself!

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