Monday, 9 September 2013

Colleges introducing a Catch 22 for Maths and English?

A report in FE Week this morning suggests that a significant number of Level 2 Apprenticeships being advertised, require the applicant to have already passed GCSE A*-C in Maths and English.

Is this so the providers (Colleges in the main) can avoid having to teach English and maths, specifically Functional Skills?  Forgive me, but surely, this is the purpose of 16+ Learning Providers?

If providers are allowed to sidestep this requirement and cherry pick the students they want to teach presumeably because it takes less time, pass rates are better and therefore they get more money for doing less, then we'll be faced with an even bigger and ever growing problem of NEETS.

Carrying this policy forward, it will mean that far from RPA being raised to 17 then 18 as an inclusive measure and ALL 17 and 18 years olds continuing to study Maths and English, it will go the other way - ONLY those with GCSE A*-C at age 16 will be able to take part in further education because those without this will be rejected at the application stage.

So come on BIS, SFA and other interested parties, get this sorted quickly.

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