Monday, 28 October 2013

Apprenticeship Reform -

Key Dates
From 2017/17, all apprenticeships will be based on the new standards with relevant changes to the funding frameworks.  A transition period starting 2015 will lead to this with new Apprenticeship standards and qualifications developed (to replace frameworks) in 2013 and 2014.
The requirements for English maths start to get implemented from September 2014 when, irrespective of framework requirements, all learners will be required to study to level 2 Functional Skills with stronger requirements from 2015 eventually leading to the requirement that all apprenticeships will need to have GCSE English and Maths (likely to be from 2017 and based on the new GCSE specifications with first teaching in 2015).

All Apprenticeships will be required to last at least 12 months with no exceptions
English and maths requirements will be stepped up gradually, reflecting the importance of these transferable skills.

In the section - What is an apprenticeship?
An Apprenticeship develops transferable skills, including English and maths, to progress careers.  

In the section - Employers setting the standards
Any new standard may specify the level of English and maths achievement required if this is above the general requirements for all apprentices and specify any qualifications that are necessary.

In the section - English and maths
We are making sure the new GCSEs (first teaching 2015, first exams 2017) give greater assurance of literacy and numeracy, and why we are requiring all students in full or part-time education aged 16 to 19 to study towards GCSE English and maths if they have not already achieved a GCSE A*-C in these subjects.
All apprentices will be required to achieve a certain standard of English and maths in order to complete their Apprenticeship. The English and maths requirements will be stronger in future Apprenticeships. (Transition starts 2105 with full implementation 2017)
We are not setting any minimum entry requirements relating to an apprentice’s English and maths skills, and expect employers to be flexible in recruiting apprentices with lower initial English and maths skills.
We are stepping up the English and maths requirements in Apprenticeships gradually. From September 2014 every Intermediate (Level 2) apprentice who has previously achieved Functional Skills Level 1 English and maths will have to study towards Level 2 English and maths (either Functional Skills or GCSE). All Intermediate apprentices will have to achieve a minimum of Level 1 English and maths to complete their Apprenticeship, as now. Advanced (Level 3) apprentices will have to achieve Level 2 English and maths to complete their Apprenticeship, as now.  
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Guroo have already started development of standards based on the new GCSE requirement. 

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