Monday, 9 December 2013

New Functional Skills English Tutorial Video

Reading between the lines.
Linked to the following English Functional Skills criteria:
  • English Level 2 (Reading) - detect point of view, implicit meaning and/or bias 
  • English Level 2 (Reading) - identify the purposes of texts and comment on how meaning is conveyed 
  • English Level 2 (Writing) - present information and ideas concisely, logically, and persuasively 
  • English Level 1 (Reading) - identify the main points and ideas and how they are presented in a variety of different types of texts 
  • English Level 1 (Speaking and listening) - present information/points of view clearly and in appropriate language 
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Pawan ICFM said...

i really appreciate for your new functional skills english tutorials.

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Pawan ICFM said...
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