Tuesday, 3 June 2014

AELP Support for Functional Skills

AELP support Functional Skills

The national AELP conference is underway with lots of discussion on funding, employer led training demand and the integration of Government initiatives.
One of the more interesting comments came from Ingeus who were referring to their skills data and the claim that a person with good English, maths and ICT skills is THREE times more likely to re-enter the labour market - we're surprised it's just 3x! 

In relation to maths and English, the AELP manifesto for 2015 recognises the absolute importance of having good English and maths skills but questions whether GCSE is the best route to show this.  AELP will therefore continue to lobby for the retention of Functional Skills until the new (2017) GCSEs are proven to provide the Functional Skills required and to be delivered flexibly and on demand.

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