Friday, 23 October 2015

Newsletter with Government statements, expos, e-learning all to do with English and maths for the post-16 sector.

Edition 203 - Friday October 23rd 2015

This week we have brought together a number of different threads involving Apprenticeships and Functional Skills.

We all know about the 3 million apprenticeship promise and the apprenticeship levy proposals, but now we're also seeing some opposition to activities and plans - we pull together those threads below.

We also have news of a new type of expo event organised by AELP - ForSkills are in the e-learning zone which is entirely appropriate as ForSkills is the ONLY company able to support claims of e-learning success with independent evidence and we have a link to a new "prezi" about that.

As always, feel free to contact Jonathan Wells, the editor of this newsletter on 0191 3055045 or

Government support, but plenty of criticism too.

An interesting week or two that has seen plenty of Government support for Functional Skills and Apprenticeships mixed with some negativity on both quality and quantity.

Nick Boles, in commissioning the ETF reform programme, makes it totally clear that Functional Skills is here to stay (see our little sample image below) and in a separate address he also provides lots of support for promoting Apprenticeships by Apprentices.

But at the same time, Emily Thornberry of labour was expressing her concern about burger flipping Apprenticeships.

Ofsted then weighed in with their comments, albeit based on quite a small sample, which the BBC reported last week under the headline "devaluing brand".

AELP robustly defended Apprenticeships and issued a statement following their Autumn conference to that effect.
E-learning works

A short on-line "prezi" of the University of Sunderland research on e-learning

Are you prepared for the digital future?

Keeping up to date with the developments in ICT that support digital technology including e-learning and e-assessment is vital to the success of the sector.

On November 5th at the ILEC Conference Centre, London, AELP will hold a new type of event - the #aelptechexpo

Featuring five dedicated zones, a dozen workshops, great speakers and exhibitor briefings, this is an event for your diary.

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